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BLOB Scentilizer BLOB Scentilizer
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BLOB Scentilizer

Price €39.90

BLOB is a small and remarkable Scentilizer that sets new standards in fragrance evaporation. BLOB is as simple as it is practical. It features a closed water container that can easily be removed from the base without having to unplug the entire machine. Its easy handling sets it apart from the competition. Amount Recupel of 0,05€ incl.

SCENT POT Scentilizer SCENT POT Scentilizer
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SCENT POT Scentilizer

Price €49.90

The Scent Pot have been designed for small rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms and your work desk. Our designers have gone out of their way to create this eye-catching shape with its trademark beak. The result is a beautifully working Scentilizer that entices your senses. Recupel of 0,05€ incl.

Yo-Yo - fragrance diffuser
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Yo-Yo - fragrance diffuser

Price €12.90

Yoyo is a new way of wearing perfume. lf you are allergic to certain perfumes or do not like to apply fragrances directly onto your skin, SERENE HOUSE's new pocketable scent holder could be the perfect solution for you. No bigger than 7 cm in diameter, the beautifully crafted Yoyo can be carried in any handbag, pocket, suitcase or simply be placed beside...