E-auto cloths

The e-auto kit contains most of what you need to keep cars, bikes, caravans and boats looking their best, both inside and out.  Our revolutionary way to clean uses fibres that have been specifically developed to remove grease and grime, so you can achieve far better results, without the need for any chemicals.

Many of our household cleaning cloths will work well also.  We would particularly recommend the General Purpose Cloth, the Glass & Polishing Cloth, the Window Cleaning Mitt and Dusters.  The Deep Clean Mop and Mini Mop are ideal for boat decking and floors – and caravan floors.

Our cloths have many benefits:

Clean brilliantly and give a perfect streak-free finish – all with just water

Significantly reduces cleaning time - Wet, wipe & dry

Very long lasting – guaranteed for 300 washes

The cloths have high and rapid absorbency

Reduces the level of chemicals in the environment .

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E-auto Dual Action Mitt E-auto Dual Action Mitt
  • Online only

E-auto Dual Action Mitt

Price €11.99

Ideal for Paintwork, glass, chrome & trims Cleaning dirt and grime from your car is no longer a challenge with the Dual Action Mitt.  The Dual Action Mitt’s orange fronded side will handle all the tough initial cleaning and get into those awkward areas. The soft grey side gently gives a final clean and will work on all surfaces.

Car Cleaning Cloth
  • Online only

Car Cleaning Cloth

Price €7.49

The Car Cleaning Cloth’s specialist fibres lift, trap and remove dirt, grime and grease from all over the car, using just water. Your regular cleaning liquid may be used, if preferred. Great for the first or the final, clean. It can also be used damp for cleaning the interior, or dry for quick and easy dusting. For the perfect finish use the Glass &...

On-Board Cleaning Kit On-Board Cleaning Kit
  • Online only

On-Board Cleaning Kit

Price €18.49

Ideal for windscreens, mirrors, dashboards and plastic Our On Board Cleaning Kit is all you need to keep the car clean when out and about. It is the perfect solution for keeping your windscreens, windows and the rest of your car sparkling. In the box you have: 1 x Car Cleaning Cloth, 1 x Glass & Chrome Cloth, 1 x e-auto Water Spray, 1x laundry and...