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Baby Home Starter Kit Baby Home Starter Kit
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Baby Home Starter Kit

Price €19.99

Includes one (1) Bathroom Cloth (blue), one (1) General Purpose Cloth (lilac), and one Glass & Polishing Cloth (tan). e-cloth allows you to clean your home better and faster using just water. Eliminating household chemical cleaners provides a safer environment for your baby and toddler.

E-baby table & chair cloth E-baby table & chair cloth
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E-baby table & chair cloth

Price €7.49

Chemical-free Cleaning Table & High Chair Cloth  Includes one (1) Chemical-free Cleaning Table & High Chair Cloth - 31,75cm x 31,75cm • Excellent at removing food collection in crevices and hard to reach areas • Grooves in fabric improves collection of gunk, crumbs, baby food and hardened messes

E-baby window & mirror cloth E-baby window & mirror cloth
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E-baby window & mirror cloth

Price €7.49

Includes one (1) 50,80cm x 40,64cm Chemical-free Cleaning Window & Mirror Cloth • Protects baby or toddler by cleaning with just water, not chemicals • Removes over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces using just water • True Chemical Free Cleaning - Removes light grease, grime, and finger marks from hard surfaces using just water