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BLOB Scentilizer BLOB Scentilizer
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BLOB Scentilizer

Price €39.90

BLOB is a small and remarkable Scentilizer that sets new standards in fragrance evaporation. BLOB is as simple as it is practical. It features a closed water container that can easily be removed from the base without having to unplug the entire machine. Its easy handling sets it apart from the competition. Amount Recupel of 0,05€ incl.

Pad & Tablet Cleaning Kit Pad & Tablet Cleaning Kit
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Pad & Tablet Cleaning Kit

Price €9.90

Removes greasy finger marks from, iPad, Tablets, iPhones, Cellphones, Kindle, GPS etc.. Pads and tablets need frequents cleaning - e-cloth is your answer. The screen-sized cloth and handy ‘pen’ spray offer a quick and convenient solution. The pen-sized spray contains de-ionised water and is safe to use on any touchscreen. Size: Cloth - 24 x 17cm, Spray -...

Floor Care Set - 3pcs Floor Care Set - 3pcs
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Floor Care Set - 3pcs

Regular price €47.47 Price €39.99

The Best Value For Floor Cleaning - 3pcs Each pack has: 1x Deep Clean Mop pack with 1x Telescopic handle (extendable 1-1,5m) & 1x Deep Clean Head with Velcro - Price: 23,49€/piece 1x Dusting Mop Head; Size: 45cm x 13,5cm. Price: 11,99€/piece 1x Extra Deep Clean Mop Head; Size: 45cm x 13,5cm. Price: 11,99€/piece This value pack provides everything you...

2 in 1 Extendable e-cloth... 2 in 1 Extendable e-cloth...
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2 in 1 Extendable e-cloth Duster

Price €23.49

The lightweight Extendable Duster can be used with the short handle – or extended up to 1.77 metres with the telescopic pole. The head has 7 locking positions, giving an angle up to 270° – so there is no place for dust to hide. The unique e-cloth fibres have a natural positive charge, attracting and locking in dust and fluff, making it much faster and...

Home Starter Kit Home Starter Kit
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Home Starter Kit

Price €13.49

The General Purpose cloth, has thick fibres with a wedge shape construction that rapidly absorb spills and remove thick grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria. The Glass & Polishing cloth, our most versatile cloth, has a special fibre construction and weave, which increase the speed at which moisture is absorbed, leaving glass and shiny surfaces...

Kitchen Whizz Kitchen Whizz
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Kitchen Whizz

Price €5.49

For sparkling sinks and taps. The Kitchen Whizz is ideal for a quick ‘whizz’ around the kitchen. Just wet the Whizz under the tap, wring out and clean worktops, hobs and around the sink. All using just water.

Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths
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Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths

Price €27.49

A brilliant value pack for all your cleaning Get started with our revolutionary way of cleaning, at a significant saving. A selection of 5 of our most popular e-cloths to tackle any cleaning challenge and leave surfaces sparkling. Everything you need to understand the power of e-cloths and why you really can clean using just water.

Cleaning & Dusting Wand Cleaning & Dusting Wand
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Cleaning & Dusting Wand

Price €12.99

Ideal for behind radiators and under appliances The e-cloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand is lightweight and flexible, with a versatile flat 60cm long cleaning surface. It is also bendable, making light work of the tops of cupboards and wooden beams. IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO CLEAN UNDER YOUR FRIDGE WITHOUT HAVING TO MOVE IT!

Bundle Pack Deep Clean &... Bundle Pack Deep Clean &...
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Bundle Pack Deep Clean & Dusting Mop Head

Price €23.98

Brilliant on all laminate, stone, tiles and wood floors This is the bundle of two mop heads for hard floor cleaning. No need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals; all you need is water and our two mop heads: the Deep Clean Mop Head and the Dusting Mop Head to clean hard floors simply and quickly.