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1 General Purpose Cloth + 1... 1 General Purpose Cloth + 1...
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1 General Purpose Cloth + 1 FREE Wash & Wipe cloth

Price €7.49

100% EXTRA FREE - 2 e-cloths for the price of 1Brilliant for all your cleaning challenges.Our heavy weight cloth removes grease, dirt and bacteria from all hard surfaces and this by using only water. Due to its electrostatic properties, when used dry, the General Purpose Cloth it's also an effective duster.Size: 32cm x 32cmContent: 1 x General Purpose...

Floor Care Set - 3pcs Floor Care Set - 3pcs
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Floor Care Set - 3pcs

Price €47.47

The Best Value For Floor Cleaning - 3pcs Each pack has: 1x Deep Clean Mop pack with 1x Telescopic handle (extendable 1-1,5m) & 1x Deep Clean Head with Velcro - Price: 23,49€/piece 1x Dusting Mop Head; Size: 45cm x 13,5cm. Price: 11,99€/piece 1x Extra Deep Clean Mop Head; Size: 45cm x 13,5cm. Price: 11,99€/piece This value pack provides everything you...

Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths
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Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths

Price €27.49

A brilliant value pack for all your cleaning Get started with our revolutionary way of cleaning, at a significant saving. A selection of 5 of our most popular e-cloths to tackle any cleaning challenge and leave surfaces sparkling. Everything you need to understand the power of e-cloths and why you really can clean using just water.

Deep Clean Mop Head Deep Clean Mop Head
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Deep Clean Mop Head

Price €11.99

Brilliant on all laminate, stone, tiles and wood floors This is the mop head for hard floor cleaning. No need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals; all you need is water and our highly absorbent Deep Clean Mop Head, to clean hard floors simply and quickly.