About us

BALMIDOR is a Belgian family company, which activity is based on the development of the business relations between Belgium and East European countries.

From the beginning of our existence that was our goal - to help Belgian Companies  by giving them as much as possible detailed information about doing business in and with East Europe as well as information about Belgium to East European companies, which want to do business in and with Belgium.

One of our goals is to offer in the Bulgarian market only high quality products which are unique by their design and quality and have the label Made In Belgium.

In this connection we introduced successfully in the Bulgarian market Belgian producers as BBM (producer of Clics toys) and Demeyere (producer of the well know cookware range of products).

Also we represent and are working closely with the Bulgarian based channel of DIY shops of Mr. Bricolage-Bulgaria in order to select the best BeNeLux based producers/distributors for their shops in Bulgaria.

Based on our experience we decided to develop further our Company and to start to offer in Belgium high quality products, which could help and simplify the day to day life.

After a couple of weeks of preparation we open in May 2014 our Online Shop at https://www.balmidor.be with the idea to offer to our Belgian customers the best quality products for their homes.

We are very happy and honoured to announce the beginning of our cooperation with EnviroProducts Ltd – a UK based producer of the famous e-cloths, which are No. 1 in UK.

More products will be added progressively  in our shop…so please come back since the story just begin…