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Home Starter Cleaning Pack - 3 e-cloths

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High performance pack composed of 3 e-cloths which removes thick grease, dirt and bacteria from all hard surfaces, using just water.





3 Cloth Pack – 1x General Purpose Cloth, 1x Bathroom Cleaning Cloth and 1x Glass & Polishing Cloth

Value Pack - 3 core cleaning cloths for the house at a discounted rate

Ideal e-cloth starter pack as it cleans key parts of the house.

The e-cloth General Purpose Cloth is one of the two original e-cloths. It's thicker fibres and wedge shape construction absorb spills and remove dirt, grease and over 99% of bacteria, using just water.

The e-cloth ® Bathroom Cloth is highly absorbent. It has longer fibres which remove soap scum, greasy grime and over 99% of bacteria from all areas of the bathroom, using just water.

The ecloth ® Bathroom Cloth is a plusher version of our General Purpose cloth.

- the extra long fibers on the e-cloth Bathroom Cloth are great for getting into small cracks, and around taps and make it more absorbent than the General Purpose Cloth

- great for cleaning all hard surfaces including sinks, taps, mirrors, windows, light switches, tubs, glass shower doors, all counter types - including granite and quartz

- absolutely wonderful for cleaning grout and tiles.

- cleans soap scum, dirt, grease, oil and over 99% of bacteria!

- great for keeping hard water stains at bay.

Safe on all tubs and showers!

Color: yellow

Size: 32cm x 32cm

The e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth is one of the two original e-cloths.
The e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth e-cloth can be used for a streak free sparkling finish on glass and all shiny surfaces. Should be used dry on a damp surface, removes grease dirt and finger marks, leaving behind a streak free, lint free finish.

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