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<p>Here we are publishing interesting articles found in the press, which may be interesting for you to read in order to be able to decide why using our e-cloth line of products will help you improve the health of the whole your family at your home. </p>
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You don’t need special cleaners to clean your windows – use e-cloth with just water. How to clean your windows with e-cloth?
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Every e-cloth fibre is split consistently which is why we can claim – 480,000 fibres per square cm. This allows e-cloths to pick up even more dirt and bacteria than a regular microfibre cloth, leaving the surface cleaner and more hygienic. In fact, e-cloths are clinically proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from surfaces by drawing and locking in the bacteria on the surface. e-cloths are also proven to not transfer this bacteria with a transfer
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De la cuisine au jardin en passant par la salle de bains ou les chambres d'enfants, les perturbateurs endocriniens sont partout.
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Het seizoen van de lenteschoonmaak is aangebroken. Was je van plan dit jaar een keertje over te slaan, dan lees je toch beter eventjes verder. Uit recent onderzoek is immers gebleken dat er een verband bestaat tussen stof en de groei van je vetcellen.