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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

After receipt of your payment we prepare your order in average between 3-5 days. Sometimes can be quicker. After that depends on your location. The package is delivered by Bpost.

Just click on My Account. Enter your email & Name when the My Account page has open.

Go to My Account and then go to Dashboard.

When your order has been registered by us in the Bpost system, you will get from us a detailed mail of your purchase and a link to the Bpost website where you can follow your package. Separately Bpost is sending you also a mail confirmation.

NO, we do not stock any financial information as credit cards or bank account information. We are working with the following secure payment platforms: PayPal, Mollie & Stripe.

YES, we are charging the Belgian VAT of 21%. For some specific products the VAT is of 6%.

Check our Delivery Page in order to see the list with the countries where we are delivering.

If you need to swap an item

Returns, Exchanges and refunds

You have 20 days to return our goods for FREE, no questions asked.

No problem! Contact us via mail. We will do our best to replace the wrong product with the correct one. The wrong product you can return to us for FREE. 

Unfortunately that happens. We are sorry. Please make a picture(s) of the damaged product. If you can send us more than one picture this is always better. We will do our best to replace the damaged product for free. You have to return the damaged product back to us, which of course is for free. 

YES, if the goods are damaged, you have to wait for our mail confirmation, which you will receive from us as reply to your mail to us with the pictures of the damaged product(s).

You can always contact us by mail. We are trying to reply to all mail as quickly as possible.

Contact us immediately. If the goods are still with us we can adapt the address. However if the goods have been dispatched to Bpost, we can do anything.

Contact us immediately. We will cancel/change your order and will make partial or full refund to your account/card.

YES, we allow back orders on SOME of our products. This will be clearly visible on the main Purchase button with the text PRE-ORDER. You will have a date from which we expect to receive the product and to be able to dispatch it to you.

If the product you like is not offering a PRE-ORDER and is out of stock  you can leave your mail (via notify me button) and you will receive from us a notification when new quantities from the product have arrived at our warehouse.

B2B Customers

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes we sell to Companies. You have to register with your Company Name and Company VAT Number. Our system will automatically check your VAT with the VIES VAT Number validation system and will confirm your registration.

Yes, we sell to Companies based in the other EU countries. Please register with your Company Name, full address and your country VAT Number. Our system will automatically check your VAT number with the VIES VAT Number validation system and will confirm your registration.

As a Company in EU country with valid EU VAT Number you will receive from us an Invoice which is made according to the EU VAT specific regulations for cross border sales.

YES, if you wish to buy in bulk bigger quantities, we are offering special prices. Please contact us.

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