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Exclusive Wines from Spain & Italy

This is an exclusive collection, which is not available in any shop in Belgium. The selected wines are of great quality with a specific taste for wine lovers

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The NEW SereneHouse WAX Diffusers

Why To Use E-cloth?

With that question, the e-cloth brand and the e-cloth General Purpose Cloth were born. And since then, the same simple question has driven the development of dozens of task-specific specialist cleaning products, proven by experience and lab testing to clean beautifully – as well or better than that bottle full of chemicals – with just water.

Designed for Savings

The big cleaning industry loves systems designed to drive frequent purchases of expensive consumables. Resist to that. E-cloth products last for years. Most come with a 300 machine wash guarantee. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary purchases of expensive chemicals, single-use refills and paper towels.

Designed for Earth

Chemical cleaners, disposable wipes, single-use mop refills and all the plastic and packaging that goes with them wreak havoc on our environment. We at Balmidor, we believe like the people from e-cloth that durable, high-quality cleaning tools, built well for thousands of uses are the best way to respect and protect our shared environment.

Designed for Health

Don’t be fooled by the pretty bottle with the brightly-coloured liquid that smells so “clean”. You just signed up your family for all the chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives that come with it. E-cloth products have awesome chemical-free cleaning power built-in, so you can get the nasty stuff out of your home and away from the people and pets you love.

Kind Bag is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles.

What is a KIND BAG? It’s not just another reusable shopping bag. Kind Bag is so much more caring for both you and the planet.

They’re strong, practical, beautiful and compact – but what’s actually so special and different, when a reusable bag is made from recycled plastic?

Nowadays we all are aware that plastic waste is polluting the planet so badly, especially due to its slow degrading process. Reusable bags prevent the need for single-use plastic bags.

We at Balmidor Belgium together with Kind Bag Team are proposing you sustainable accessories uniquely designed to combat plastic pollution and drive change in the fashion industry.

Did you know single plastic bags have the average life of only 15 mins?  Did you know 80% of plastic bottles we buy end up in landfill and it takes up to 1000 years for one bottle to decompose? To tackle this environmental issue, the Kind Bag Team decided to rescue these plastic bottles from going to landfill in order to reduce the use of single use plastic bags. They turn waste into beautiful, reusable and 100% recyclable bags to support your life to be a little kinder to the planet. 

Since the beginning of the production back in 2019, Kind Bag has now rescued over 1,6 million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the oceans.

Kind Bag girl smiling

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times

The world is currently producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year. A significant amount of which will end up in the oceans, in fact, that amount is equivalent to a garbage truck full of plastic dumping plastic into the ocean every minute.

Kind Bag follows the concept of circular fashion, in which materials are captured and re-used throughout the lifecycle and is taking waste to create something beautiful and versatile that can also be reused and recycled.

Becoming sustainable doesn’t have to mean forgoing the love of fashion. It simply means that we, as consumers, need to be more aware of all the waste that comes out of our wardrobe, and champion the circular economy.

Kind Bag London telephone booth

Wide handles for your comfort. Wide bottomfor the big capacity, holding 20kg.

Our bag has wider straps to distribute the weight on you shoulder. The wide bottom means it can carry a lot more than it looks.

In fact, Kind Bag can fit the capacity of 2-3 regular plastic bags! It’s more than enough for any occasion, such as going to the gym, beach, grocery shopping, picnic, or even wrapping your gift.

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