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Safely dispose of your chemical spray cleaners! All you need to clean with E-cloth premium microfibers is water. We have a cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs. Our specific task packs are perfect start for your kitchen, bathroom, appliance and glass cleaning needs.

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Why To Use E-cloth?

With that question, the e-cloth brand and the e-cloth General Purpose Cloth were born. And since then, the same simple question has driven the development of dozens of task-specific specialist cleaning products, proven by experience and lab testing to clean beautifully – as well or better than that bottle full of chemicals – with just water.

Designed for Savings

The big cleaning industry loves systems designed to drive frequent purchases of expensive consumables. Resist to that. E-cloth products last for years. Most come with a 300 machine wash guarantee. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary purchases of expensive chemicals, single-use refills and paper towels.

Designed for Earth

Chemical cleaners, disposable wipes, single-use mop refills and all the plastic and packaging that goes with them wreak havoc on our environment. We at Balmidor, we believe like the people from e-cloth that durable, high-quality cleaning tools, built well for thousands of uses are the best way to respect and protect our shared environment.

Designed for Health

Don’t be fooled by the pretty bottle with the brightly-coloured liquid that smells so “clean”. You just signed up your family for all the chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives that come with it. E-cloth products have awesome chemical-free cleaning power built-in, so you can get the nasty stuff out of your home and away from the people and pets you love.

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We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality and the design. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials, ease of use and durability.