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This is the way we are doing business

Since more than 25 years we are helping companies to develp their business.

During this period, we have been a valuable partner and we helped compnies to connect to each other although with different cultures, habits and mentality of doing business.

In some situations just a small help was enough to establish a good and long time relationship, sometimes a lot of efforts were not enough, since the business culture was too different.

From each case we moved on more experienced and ready to assist and share our experience with new customers.

Today some people says that the gentlemen’s agreement business is a thing of the past, but we think that it is still possible to do business on the « old » way and tied long business relationship based on a mutual respect.

We are Customer care focused and we always deliver a quality service or products to our customers (private or business).

Reliability, rapidity, integrity, but not only…

We are proud to enjoy the reputation we have.

BALMIDOR Team Belgium

Online Shops Services

We offer in our line of products only the best quality designed products for your Home or Office…

…Same products, same quality service, just different experience to find the best product for you…The choice is yours…

We are taking care of the rest…


Local based trusted partner for your business in Belgium

How we can help You?

Belgian market

You are looking for possibilities to distribute your products in the Belgian market...with Online visibility

Local Supplier

You are looking for a local supplier or for a specific product but you need to have some more details...

B2B Support

You are interested to purchase from our products for you or for a customer...

Easy Communication

We are speaking English, French, Dutch, Bulgarian and Russian


We are at Home in Bulgaria...

We are available to help Companies, which are looking to enter the Bulgarian market and need to understand it but not only…

  • Product distribution
  • DYI products distribution
  • Information about the Bulgarian Real Estate market
  • Organise Your Team Building in Bulgaria

Our references

We enjoy the reputation we have….

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