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Dusting Mop Head

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Attracts and removes dust and allergens from all hard floors

The Head fits neatly onto the aluminium base of the e-cloth mop (Deep Clean Mop base) and naturally attracts dust from floors.





Better than Swiffer®* and other leading floor duster brands

Outperforms – cleaner floors in less time

Environmentally friendly – significantly less waste than disposable cloths

*Swiffer® is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble.

Used on hard floors, the Dusting Mop Head is quicker than a vacuum cleaner and will give a perfect finish to all hard floors including laminate, stone, tiles and wood.

The fibres are designed to pick up and hold dust and loose dirt, before cleaning with the wet Deep Clean Mop Head. The cleaning head attaches with Velcro, making it easy to remove and wash.

Size: 45cm x 13.5cm

For all Hard Surfaces:

Laminate, Wood, Tiles, Vinyl, Marble, Stone

The Dusting Mop Head attaches to the Deep Clean Mop base with Velcro. It is used dry and is a quick & easy way to remove loose dust and dirt, before using a wet Deep Clean Mop Head.

Ingredients or Materials: 100% Polyester

EB0051 - DRH
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