Color Your Mood

Making Scents with 100% Natural Essential Oil Blends
No Synthetic Fragrances ※ No Parabens ※ No GMO
100% Pure & Natural to the Last Drop

  • High amount of certified organic ingredients in every bottle.
  • Plant-friendly methods, chemical-free pest controls and fertilizers.
  • Dedicated in fair trade practices and improving farmers’ lives.
  • With strict quality control system to ensure each bottle is pure, fresh and traceable.
  • Produced & Bottled in Germany.
  • Size: 5ml

Blends available in 4 distinct categories suitable nearly for every mood  – Refreshing, Relaxing, Uplifting or Comforting.

Color Your Mood
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SERENE HOUSE scents are uniquely colored and scented to evoke a special feeling.

Take a glance at our mood reference chart and select your ideal mood –

Refreshing, Relaxing, Uplifting or Comforting.