Glass & Polishing Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth
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Glass & Polishing Cloth

Price €7.49

Every Home Needs One You can use our Glass & Polishing cloth without any special chemical cleaners in order to leave all your windows and glass with a sparkling finish. The special fibre construction and weave of our e-cloth makes it easy to be used just with water

Stainless Steel cloth Stainless Steel cloth
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Stainless Steel cloth

Price €7.49

Stainless Steel cloth Designed for all types of Stainless Steel, the Stainless Steel Cloth easily removes grease, finger marks and bacteria from stainless steel, using just water. The scrubbing stripes on one side of the cloth are highly effective on brushed stainless steel. The other side gives a gleaming finish to polished stainless steel.

Non-scratch Scouring Cloth Non-scratch Scouring Cloth
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Non-scratch Scouring Cloth

Price €7.49

Every kitchen need one This is the cloth to have around the kitchen sink. Whether for general cleaning, washing up, or scrubbing vegetables, it will rise to the challenge. The Scouring Cloth’s smooth side rapidly absorbs water, making it perfect for general cleaning. The other side has a unique scrubbing surface to remove stubborn grease and dirt from...

General Purpose Cloth... General Purpose Cloth...
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General Purpose Cloth Professional Pack

Price €54.45

Packed in Cases (packs) of 10 e-cloths Removes thick grease, dirt and bacteria using just water lncorporates Nano Silver technology to kill Bacteria Used dry, it works as a duster, due to its natural static charge. Fibre weight (gms / sq metre): 380 Content: 80% polyester 20% polyamide Absorption (Wt%): 698% Designed for HACCP control for different areas...

Kitchen Pack - 2 cloths Kitchen Pack - 2 cloths
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Kitchen Pack - 2 cloths

Price €12.49

Brilliant on worktops, cookers, stainless steel & glass There is no need to struggle with those tough cleaning challenges, when e-cloth's Kitchen Pack provides everything you need to tackle grease and grime on surfaces and appliances. Our specialised cleaning and polishing cloth will leave them gleaming. Buy more than 1piece and get immediate discount...

HOME Cleaning Set HOME Cleaning Set
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HOME Cleaning Set

Price €48.99

HOME Cleaning Set - 8 assorted cloths More Effective Healthy Cleaning With Less Effort Buying our HOME cleaning pack is a real commitment to cleaning without chemicals. It provides 8 cloths to tackle grease, grime and bacteria on work surfaces, appliances and windows with just water.

Grooming Mitt Grooming Mitt
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Grooming Mitt

Price €24.19

Ideal for all types of pet, large and small. The dual-sided Grooming Mitt quickly gets to grips with dirt, dust and loose hair, gently massaging your pet at the same time.

Window Pack - 2 cloths Window Pack - 2 cloths
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Window Pack - 2 cloths

Price €12.49

To make all your windows clean and crystal clear There is no need for specialist liquid cleaners to leave windows with a sparkling finish. From windows to their frames and sills, both inside and out, your windows will never have been cleaner or clearer, than with the Window Pack and just water. One removes all dirt and grime - One dries to a sparkling...

Mop System - Professional Pack Mop System - Professional Pack
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Mop System - Professional Pack

Price €102.55

Handle with 45 cm base with Deep Clean Mop Head(PACKED IN CASES of 5) Removes grease, dirt and bacteria from all hard floors using just water. ldeal for use on wood, ceramic tiles, stone, laminate and vinyl. Robust, lightweight construction Ultra thin heads, ideal for access into narrow spaces

Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths
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Starter Pack with 5 e-cloths

Price €27.49

A brilliant value pack for all your cleaning Get started with our revolutionary way of cleaning, at a significant saving. A selection of 5 of our most popular e-cloths to tackle any cleaning challenge and leave surfaces sparkling. Everything you need to understand the power of e-cloths and why you really can clean using just water.

Cleaning Pad Cleaning Pad
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Cleaning Pad

Price €7.49

Brilliant at all general cleaning For those who like to clean with a pad, there is no need to invest in an endless supply of cleaning pads and cloths. This is the pad for all your multi cleaning problems. The highly absorbent fabric makes mopping up spills and cleaning dirt, grease and bacteria wherever they appear, easy.