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BLOB Scentilizer BLOB Scentilizer
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BLOB Scentilizer

Price €39.90

BLOB is a small and remarkable Scentilizer that sets new standards in fragrance evaporation. BLOB is as simple as it is practical. It features a closed water container that can easily be removed from the base without having to unplug the entire machine. Its easy handling sets it apart from the competition. Amount Recupel of 0,05€ incl.

TORCH Home Diffuser TORCH Home Diffuser
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TORCH Home Diffuser

Price €24.90

TORCH is a wax warmer that can simply be plugged into any electrical socket without cables. lt is the perfect scent diffusers for smaller rooms such as bathroom or dressing room. Put in a Serene Pod® (4gr.) that suits your mood, plug the device into the socket and let the scent spreads in the air - enjoy pure simplicity and functionality. FREE Lavander...

LUNA Home Diffuser LUNA Home Diffuser
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LUNA Home Diffuser

Price €29.90

It is the perfect scent diffuser for rooms with 10 - 35M2. Put in a Serene Pod® (L) - 35gr* that suits your mood and plug the device into the electricity and let the scent spreads in the air. Enjoy pure simplicity. One Serene Pod of 35gr lasts up to 240hrs. * Not included in the Luna diffuser pack. Can be purchased separately in box of 2 Serene Pod®...