Garlic Xpress

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Perfect aroma – and clean in no time! Pressed garlic that meets the demands of the master chefs.

A perfect tool which is simple to use and incredibly easy to clean. No holes that can clog, just rinse under the tap and wipe clean, no dishwasher needed. Made of zinc alloy. Only garlic press of its kind – Releases a maximum of taste

VAGNBYS press and cleaning system Easy to clean, no holes!

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Pressed garlic that meets the demands of the Master Chef’s.  Simple to use.

Incredibly easy to clean. Just rinse under the tap and wipe clean. Do not use dishwasher.

The VAGNBYS design duo Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby, visited their  design colleagues Carl&Carl in Copenhagen in 2012 and saw the mock-up of what should  become a long design journey to develop the perfect garclic press.

A simple idea for an everyday problem: Eliminate the cleaning issue after pressing the garlic. The soultion: Make the holes dissapear when the product needs to be cleaned!

“When I saw the Carl&Carl prototype, I was convinced that this was a revolution in garlic press history”  – Marcus Vagnby.

The development of the Garlic-X-Press took an additional 4 more years of testing, protype developments and even a smaller mass production until balance was achievedbetween the right consistency of the pressed garlic and the pressure required.

Finally giving you the amazing user experience with the Garlic-X-Press and the unique flip-back chamber for easy cleaning. More than a squeeze. Garlic-X-Press crushes the garlic in the middle of the chamber before it squeezes it through the side grooves. Releasing a maximum of garlic taste in the process and giving you ultimate flavour to your favorite dish. The wow-effect of cleaning. When it comes to cleaning the Garlic-X-Press, simply flip back the chamber and rinse under running water. Done

Beyond comparison the easiest clean of any garlic press in your life. Enjoy maximum flavour from your garlic – and don’t worry about the cleaning.

Garlic-X-Press is here for you.

Made from zinc alloy with a chrome finish.

Proudly developed in Denmark for VAGNBYS.

Designed by mencke&vagnby and Carl&Carl


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