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the Cupirosso Wine Story

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Award-winning, fine artisanal wines that are certified organic, sustainable, low sulfites and vegan.Made in Maremma  Toscana by Irene de Gasparis and Christian Mouthuy, passionate, hands on , “vignerons” that chose native varietals, like Vermentino and Sangiovese and the rare Alicante.

Cupirosso is the result  of love and patience of its owner and winemaker, Irene de Gasparis, who bought it with the goal to restore, preserve  and give a new life, in the total respect of the environment, to this little piece of Maremma region
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Along the way came on board Christian Mouthuy. An engineer by education, after many years spent as an international management consultant, he wished to live a simple life close to nature.

So a green and sustainable boutique winery was born, with the mission to produce fine organic wines respectful of the tradition and the environment but open to innovation, with the goal to get the (impossible) perfection.

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While Irene is the sensorial soul of Cupirosso, in charge of the administrative and commercial aspects of the winery, Christian is its technical genius and is focused on its operations. Both share a deep passion for wineand a stubborness for achieving the best (that’s why they discuss often).   

From the planting of the first vine on uncultivated land, cultivation and vinification are completely organic and Cupirosso is organic certified. We chose native grape varietals in armony with the terroir and the microclimate. Sangiovese and Vermentino, classical expression of the area were planted along the more rare Alicante (Grenache) and a small quantity of Alicante Bouschet.

We believe also that the “natives” could gain something from the presence of a foreigner. So we planted Cabernet Franc, another unusual choice in comparison to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that have become so common in Tuscany.

Both Irene and Christian work first hand in the vineyard and in the cellar. Vinification, done entirely in the property, is organic and uses traditional and “state of the art” tecniques to allow the grape to express their full potential and to assure the high quality of Cupirosso wines.

We built a small but innovative, temperature controlled, sustainable cellar and the vinification, aging and packaging is made entirely in the estate, only with our grapes, to ensure a strict quality control.

Vacuum Bottling with the nitrogen gas is done in the estate. Technical agglomerate corks are used and 100% guaranteed  against TCA.   

The results are fine organic artisanal wines, low in sulfites and true expression of the territory, our unspoiled Maremma.

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Cupirosso presents 5 wines that are Maremma Toscana DOC and 1 IGT Costa Toscana

Audace (Audacious): (white) 100% Vermentino  

Silente (Silent) : Rose` 85% Alicante 15% Sangiovese

Geniale (Genial) : Red 100% Alicante (Grenache)

Suadente (Suave) : Red 100% Sangiovese in 2 vintages 2019 and 2020 (RIserva)

Tenace (Stubborn): Red 100% Cabernet Franc

Even if the story of Cupirosso has just begun, Cupirosso wines have been noted by major Wine Guides and Magazines, collecting many awards and prizes. And the story will go on …..

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To be continued...

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